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Ferro Alloy Division
Taekyung Ind. Co., Ltd. produces ferroalloy product which is mainly used for eliminating the impurities in the process of making steel product. In nature, iron ore contains many impurities like sulfur, oxygen and phosphorus. Accordingly, the major steel companies want to solve such a problem by adding various materials operating as desulfurizing agent, deoxidizing agent and reinforcing agent. The ferroalloy is the best solution to their headache.
Although we started our business in the 3rd quarter of 2005, we rapidly expanded our capacity. Now we stably provide POSCO, the world famous steel making company, with our material in Korean and export to other countries. We are firmly confident of our product and will endeavor to improve our product quality.
Major Product
High Carbon Ferromanganese
FeMn(HC) is the major element to remove impurities such as sulfur and oxygen while making steel products. It is most commonly used type of ferroalloy product in the world. Taekyung Ind. Co., Ltd became one of the key players in Korea in spite of short history in this industry.
Classification Contents
Chemical Mn 73-78% (Standard 74% )
C 7.5%
SI 1.2%
P 0.3%
S 0.02%
Physical Minimum(Abount) 10-50mm (above 90%)
Package Bulk / Bulk in Container / 1MT BIG BAG in Container
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