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Toxic Gas
Rapid industrialization generated various toxic gases, i.e. acid gas, neutral gas and basic gas which may destroy our life environment. These gases are usually generated by sewage disposal plants, night-soil incinerators, petrochemical plants, etc. and the inhalation of the gases may cause dyspnea, hemorrhage from the lungs.
We produce two types of absorbents. One is DETOX-S targeted to absorb acid gas, especially hydrogen sulfide(HS) and the other is DETOX-B targeted to reduce basic gas, especially Ammonia(NH).
Absorption Reaction
- H2s : FeO + 3HS → FeS + 3HO
- NH : Basic Gas + Fe(SO) → FeSO + (NH)SO + 6HO
Classification DETOX-S
FeO 25-55
Moisture 30
Others 20-50
Size(mm) 12 (,diameter)5-30(L)
Nature Fillter weight 0.75 0.1kg/L
Breaking load 49 Newton
Color Yelllowish brown
Absorption Capability 0.1~0.16kg (HS) / 1kg (DETOX-S)
Classification DETOX-B
SiO 30-60
Moisture 15
Al2O3 10
Fe2O3 20
Others 20-50
Size(mm) 10 (,diameter)5-20(L)
Nature Fillter Weight 0.75 0.1kg/L
Breaking load 49 Newton
Color White
Absorption Capability 45-55g (NH) / 1kg (DETOX-B)
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